Super Pro Combat Gear Handpads Curved Leather


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Super Pro Combat Gear Handpads Curved Leather

These hand pads are made of sturdy and durable Leather. The padding consists of two layers of material that absorb the impacts to a maximum. The padded palm also has a grip ball for better grip. The mitts are also equipped with a Velcro closure so that you have even more grip on the pads. The wrist is given extra support with this hand pad, the hand pad is also not heavy, so it works well and the hand pad can easily be held high. The hand pad has a curved shape which absorbs impacts more easily. The Lion logo is positioned in the middle, making it also a reference point. Super Pro Combat Gear has been known for its exceptional quality since 1978. This is because no concessions are made in material choice and comfort. The products are constantly developed by leading trainers and world champions. They know better than anyone what requirements the products must meet.

For which martial artist are the Super Pro Combat Gear focus mitt suitable?

This hand pad is suitable for every martial artist. For both trainer and student.

In what size and color is the Super Pro Combat Gear Handpads Curved available?

The Super Pro Combat Gear handpad is available in a length of 26x19x6 cm and in the color black. Supplied as a pair.

Benefits of Super Pro Combat Gear hand pads Curved

– made of sturdy and durable leather – thickening at the wrist for extra support and comfort – ideal shock-absorbing padding – Velcro closure – grip ball for good grip


Super Pro Combat Gear articles have a 1 year warranty on production errors.


When training on hand pads, always use boxing (bag) gloves or bandages to protect your hands. “

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