Performance Sports Nutrition FLUID FIGHTER (90 capsules)


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Fluid fighter from Performance helps to remove excess moisture from your body in a natural way, a natural way of moisture wicking. The food supplement is based on 4 plant species and with the addition of vitamin B6 that contributes to a normal energy metabolism. Lighter and slimmer Fluid Fighter is a natural food supplement based on 4 plant species. These plant species are known for their diuretic properties. We are talking about: Bucco, horsetail, burdock root and parsley. This 100% natural formula will help to gently remove excess moisture from your body. This makes you feel lighter and slimmer. Because Fluid Fighter is completely natural, there is no chance of habituation or unwanted side effects. It also contains Vitamin B6, which has a beneficial effect on the production and combustion of proteins and carbohydrates. Are you engaged in dry training before a competition or can you use a supplement to support you? Then choose Fluid Fighter.