Opro UFC Platinum Black Metal Red


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Unique features of the Platinum mouthguard are:

• Patented fins provide a very retentive fit after fitting

• Mount the holder minimizes the bite surface thickness and aids in the fitting process. “” On-Removal “” provides unique air cushions for extra comfort, cushioning and protection

• Biomaster antimicrobial protection is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99%

• Tooth warranty up to £ 17,500 for added peace of mind

• Suitable for all contact sports

Thanks to the stretch zones of the mouthguard, it fits almost any mouth and the wide open palate makes speech and breathing easy while wearing the mouthguard.

• Specially designed antimicrobial “” case “” inspired by the UFC Octagon

• Latex free

• Not suitable for wearers of fixed braces

• Suitable for ages 10+

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