Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag – Bokszak – Black


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The Water-Air Punchingbag HOME looks like a normal punching bag. However, the Water-Air Punchingbag HOME really stands out. Maybe that is not directly visible on the outside, but certainly on the inside and a lot more when you hit it. This unique punching bag is filled with water and air. We call it the “Water-Air Punchingbag HOME”. We are happy to explain why we market this product and what advantages this product has.

Please note, the photo shows a cross-section of the punching bag. The punching bag looks like a normal blue punching bag.

World champion Rico Verhoeven about the Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag:

“This punching bag is great for training and approaches a lifelike impact much more due to the water filling. The impact on your joints is also much less due to the good cushioning. Because the punching bag is so stable, it always hangs in the right position. my techniques to practice perfect. “

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